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Santa We Believe Foundation is a 501(c) 3 non-profit public charity dedicated to bringing joy and educational activities into pre-school classrooms. As Santa visits the classroom he brings a special gift for each child and provides an opportunity to celebrate the wonders of the holiday season in an educational setting. Children learn to graciously accept the gifts of the season, and also to show appreciation, share their gifts and to learn to give back to others. 

Join us on Columbus Day for a spaghetti dinner on Kilroy's back deck to celebrate the beginning of a new program year. Kilroys is located in the Ravensworth Shopping Center off Braddock Road. Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for children. 
View our latest Santa events on YouTube under the Santa We Believe Channel.

What we do ... 
Our elves and volunteers work with teachers and parents to help pre-school children prepare a wish list for Santa, and work with him to check lists and check gift supplies. Sometimes these requests can be a bit unusual! One young girl only wanted a Star for the top of the family tree. Of course it had to be a very special Star and Santa delivered beautifully on the promise of that special Star! Santa tailors each gift to the special needs of each child. 

Our elves and volunteers also work with teachers and parents to prepare special interactive educational activities for each pre-school class. In the past these educational activities have included plays, special puppet shows, singing and dancing programs, educational readings, and educational presentations (where participation from the children is encouraged).

Working with everyone, we carefully schedule and prepare for Santa’s arrival on the special day. While everyone, including the children, enjoys the educational activities, Santa checks his list one last time and loads his gift bag. Santa arrives at the classroom and the real fun begins!

Get Involved!
There are so many ways for you to get involved with our movement to bring Santa to every child! You can donate online or through the mail. You can nominate a pre-school in your area for our services. You can volunteer for one of our events or activities, or volunteer at a pre-school in your area given your time availability and special interests. Please spread the word to your family, friends and others about our mission to bring Santa to every child.

Thank you for your interest in the Santa We Believe Foundation!

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